Eagles dominate the Wolverines

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Jessica Whalen, Sports Writer


The Wolverines were plagued with injuries in only the second game of the young football season, as they fall to the Eagles and lose two linebackers for the game.

Caleb Smith and Scott Curtis were not able to play for the Wolverines. Ultimately, the Wolverine defense suffered due to missing the two linebackers. Curtis will be out for the season; however, Smith will make his return in the Wolverine’s third game Saturday Sept. 21 against the Warriors.

“I hurt my knee again. Doctor says it’s Meniscus, partial tear, “Curtis said. “I still need an MRI, but, I’m out for the season. So, win it all for me!”

However, the Wolverines weren’t able to pull off a win for Curtis this time. There was frustration amongst some of the Wolverines after their 20-12 loss to the Eagles. The defense missed key opportunities to force a turnover against the Eagles.

“They are good and we came out really flat.” said Jordan Gleason in reaction to the loss.

The Eagle’s opening drive had their quarterback run for 35 yards against the Wolverines. The Eagles were able to score after the run with a big pass. A big problem for the Wolverines was fumbling the ball. The Eagles didn’t have to drive the ball far after the Wolverines fumble in order to score again.

The running quarterback of the Eagles was hard to stop for the Wolverines. The Wolverines played their base defense with minor adjustments in order to contain the Eagles quarterback.

“I think we should change to a more aggressive pass rush defense and play more man coverage, Smith explained. “…We have the best DB’s, so why don’t we use that to our advantage?”

Playing against a good team, you have to be as sharp as you can be. The offense cannot carry the defense in order to win and make it to the championships for the second time. The biggest loss in the game was the passing game of the Eagles quarterback, even while he made some devastating runs.

The defense wasn’t the only ones to blame in the Wolverines loss. The offense missed key opportunities to score. Wolverines quarterback Kyler Frampton fumbled the snap with a backup center and the Wolverines turned over their first drive. Kyle Purvis from the Eagles was the leader in interceptions last season and is continuing to have a good record for this season.

Ryan Workman, the Eagles quarterback, threw for 107 yards passing, had 67 yards rushing, and two touchdowns. For his efforts he was named offensive player of the week. Unfortunately, the Wolverines were not prepared defensively for the Eagles offense.

The defensive effort wasn’t all bad, with defensive player of the week honors going to Alan Sheffer. Sheffer had six tackles and one sack.

The Wolverines will play their next game against the Warriors at 11 a.m. on Sept. 21 with the following game Saturday Sept. 28 against BYU at 1 p.m. at Lakeridge Jr. High.

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