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Dates freshmen should know for Fall 2019

While some academic dates are self-explanatory, the intricacies of others might be unclear to someone new to college. Rather than puzzling it out for yourself, here are the important upcoming dates and what they mean.

July 31 – Tuition deadline

The first important deadline is July 31, the tuition payment deadline. If payment is not made in full, a payment plan is not set up, or UVU has not received your FAFSA information, all registered classes will be dropped. Students will be charged $10 to reactivate their registration and be able to add classes.

Aug. 1 – Residency

If you plan on filing for residency, applying your financial aid by the first week of classes or even applying for admission, then you will want to ensure those are done before Aug. 1.

Aug. 25 – Waitlist ends

Your schedule can be altered at many points throughout the semester, but there are several dates to keep in mind while you add and drop classes. The waitlist period will end Aug. 25 and if you do find yourself on the waitlist, it is important to periodically check your status.

Aug. 26 – Adding classes late

Any classes students enroll in starting Aug. 26 will be considered a late add. While it is nice to know you can still sign up for a class,  adding a class late incurs a $45 late fee and prior approval is needed from both the instructor and the department advisor.

Aug. 28 – Tuition late fees

In case you have not paid off any outstanding fees on your account, you will want to be wary of Aug. 28. Any unresolved tuition amounts will be assessed a 20 percent late fee. However, this fee is capped at $200.

Sept. 3 – Last day to add or drop

The last day to withdraw from a class without it counting as a withdrawal or outright fail is Sept. 3. From Sept. 4 to Sept. 30, classes that are dropped will be shown as a withdrawal on your transcript.

Midterms and finals

Midterm and final exams are some of the most important dates on the academic calendar. Midterm exams will take place from Oct. 3 to Oct. 8 while final exams will occur from Dec. 9 to Dec. 12.

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