Earn credits through internships

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Is it ever too early?

Interning is not just for upperclassmen – they can be beneficial at any time during an academic career and are a requirement for many majors.

“It’s never too early,” said Jessica McArthur, internship coordinator at the Woodbury School of Business. 

Internship Services, located in Losee Center 409, helps students explore and find internships locally, out-of-state and internationally.

Exploratory internships, available at the freshman and sophomore level, support personal discovery in potential occupations and help interns explore different options to find a career that suits them.

The search for an internship does not have to be done alone. 

“There are various internship coordinators … that serve every single college here on campus. It doesn’t matter what your major is – there is an internship coordinator that can help you,” McArthur said.

Along with the coordinators, there are also online resources that can help potential interns. Handshake, a tool used to find and apply for internships as well as major and career exploration, is one such resource. 

“It’s like a cross between LinkedIn and Facebook. It allows students to look for internships by major, by interest, by pay,” said McArthur.

While many resources are available year-round for students, there are career events that are held throughout the school year. The Career and Internship Fair, which takes place in the fall and spring semesters, is one event where students can interface and converse with local and national internship providers.

McArthur said students interested in applying for an internship should exhibit good leadership skills, be personable and be professional.

“We have a great internship program and I really hope students will take advantage of it,” McArthur said.

The fall Career and Internship Fair will take place Oct. 2 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.