Campus Police: What can they do for you?

Photo credit: Tiffany Frandsen

Campus police are here to serve and protect all students and faculty on campus.

The department provides 24-hour patrol and security protection. If you feel unsafe at any time, the police and dispatch center can be reached by calling 801-863-5555. 

The dispatch center is located in the Gunther Trade building in room 331. In addition to the central location, a smaller station can be found across from the bookstore in which reports may be made. 

What can you report to campus police? 

A primary concern on campus is theft. On the police website, the squad reminds all students,

“Please do not leave valuables unattended at any time while on campus. These are the items most commonly stolen: books, laptops, iPod’s, cell phones, purses, etc.”

Other reasons to reach out to campus police include traffic accidents, physical altercations or if you’d like an officer to walk you to your car late at night. Officers are available on foot and in vehicles allowing easy access no matter where they are needed. 

The number one question to consider when deciding whether to reach out to  police is, do you feel safe? Each student deserves to feel safe in every way on campus.

In the case of reporting a crime, but not wanting to become involved. An anonymous form may be filled out at:

What else does campus police do?

UVU is a place of education, and education is part of the core of the police department’s mission. To prevent crime, a central focus is educating students on how to be aware and avoid being involved in a crime of any sort.

With an additional focus on crime prevention, campus police, upon request, give training on crime awareness and how to prevent becoming a victim. This can take place personally or in a class setting. 

With all of their services, UVU police are here for you. More information can be found on

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