The Music Scene: Where to Catch a Good Show

A portion of Sego's cassette-themed decor hangs under the marquee on Saturday, September 3, at Velour Live Music Gallery.

When looking for things to do in Utah Valley, a crowd favorite is live music.

According to graduate student Julia Chiou, an avid attendee of shows, live music is a way to bring people together.

“Local music isn’t just about the music; it’s about the people, It is all about authenticity and storytelling. The performers are working to be authentic, and that authenticity resonates with the audience and creates an environment. It’s all about people.”

Julia Chiou

Here are a few of the many local venues to check out local music:

  • Velour Live Music Gallery. Open Wednesday nights for open mic night at 8 p.m., and multiple nights a week for live shows. Show schedules can be found on their website,
  • Third Space Studios. Open with live jazz every Thursday night and a full calendar of theater, cultural discussions, dance nights, as well as local bands. Check out their schedule at
  • The Rad Shack. Co-owned by previous UVU student Albert Vargas and Dallin Shepherd, The Rad Shack recently announced they are closing in November. Until then, they have a full slate of some of Utah County’s finest musical offerings. Showtimes can be found on their Facebook page,

Utah Valley is also the place to be for open mic nights. Our very own campus hosts Sound Bites, a monthly open mic typically held every first Thursday. Local bistros like Roll Up Crepes, Guru’s and Peace on Earth Cafe give free food as an incentive to perform.

Pictures taken July 30, 2019 by Oromia Eshete

No matter what type of music you are into, Utah Valley delivers. Spotify has a playlist dedicated to music in this area perfect for finding new favorite locals. spotify:user:qq1bfs8enyt8862eh6ozsut0l

Chiou gives another piece of advice for those interested in learning more about local music. 

“Find bands you like and listen to the openers,then you will find more people you like and have more artists to go see.”

Julia Chiou

See you at the show! 

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