UVU property grows by 125 acres

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President Holland signed an agreement with Anderson Geneva Development on June 18 and acquired an additional 125 acres of land in the @geneva development in Vineyard, UT for Utah Valley University.

“Tremendous growth is coming to this valley. We know that this is a dynamic and growing institution and this opens up a whole new world of possibilities for us to move forward that we otherwise wouldn’t have,” said UVU President Matthew S. Holland. “It’s a significant and historic moment for the university.”

The new land is adjacent (to the north) of 100 acres that UVU already has in the @geneva development, about 2.3 miles northwest from the main campus. The development is located between Orem and Utah Lake. Those acres are currently being used as intramural fields.

The future use of the land has not been decided, but Holland mentioned academic buildings, additional intramural or athletic facilities, parking, space for public-private partnerships, or moving the administrative and support operations as possibilities.

“Those are some fairly big strategic decisions and we need to take our time carefully to map that out,” said Holland.

The Utah Board of Regents formally approved the campus plan five years ago. The President’s cabinet will revisit that plan now. They will ask all divisions for input, and approach external professional planners for advice.

“We’re excited to have UVU choose our project for their future expansion,” said Gerald Anderson, president of Anderson Geneva, in a press release.

The area had suffered when Geneva Steel went bankrupt in 2002, and has since been purchased and redeveloped by Anderson Geneva. Anderson Geneva removed the concrete and toxins that the mill had left. In 2011, UVU purchased 100 acres of @geneva land for intramural fields. The total space in @geneva is slightly smaller than UVU’s main campus, which is 235 acres.

The most recent census data (2010) shows a population of less than 200 people living in Vineyard (think the first freeway exit north of University Parkway). There are apartment complexes and townhouse projects under construction, as well as a new Megaplex that is scheduled to open in November with 13 theaters. An extension connector will hook the development to the 800 North freeway exit.

UVU's property is in the heart of the @geneva development
UVU’s property is in the heart of the @geneva development.

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Photo Credit: Melissa Henrie | @Melissa23h

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