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By Juan Whiting, Reporter, [email protected]


Whether you’ve saved up enough to make it through the semester, or you’re just plain broke, working can bring in extra cash while sprucing up that resume you need when you graduate.


If you are looking for part-time employment, temp work, or meaningful work experience, UVU is a great place to look first.


For those who are looking for their first job, the hunt can be daunting.  It can seem like if you don’t have experience, you can’t get a job. So, what is the best way to get started if you don’t have that experience?  Christie Snyder, UVU’s HR Generalist, has some hints.


“It’s all about what you want,” Snyder said. “Get to know the professors and admins so they get to know you and your skills.”


There are a lot of things that students can show faculty and administration by just doing well in school.  Punctuality, consistency, and hard work are some specific skills that faculty can see from students right off the bat.


UVU is continually growing, and Snyder explained that with the new buildings and classrooms, students will see more jobs available.


“You may go from a custodial job to a research job and then to an administrative job,” Snyder said. “Even though they are different jobs they are with the same institution and that shows consistency as an employee.”


Consistency is huge for many employers looking for loyal employees willing to stick with the company and become valuable assets to an organization.


Another major reason for looking for work on campus is the flexibility in scheduling with schoolwork. According to Snyder, UVU understands the needs of students, and they are very willing to work around their busy schedules.


Utah’s job market is expanding. UVU knows that there is a competition for employees. This is one of the reasons that UVU is more flexible with students.


“We like to fill our on-campus jobs first,” Snyder said.


Going hand-in-hand with this flexibility is UVU’s accessibility for students. To be able to run from class to work quickly is a big bonus for most students who work at UVU. They are able to cut some of the costs and time of travel that working off campus often requires.


Sometimes there is little difference between work and school for students that help professors with research, tutor students, or work in their fields of study on campus. Students can find much more fulfillment, as they are able to further their education with this kind of experience. Professors are also more apt to give students more responsibility than a business outside of campus.


With all of the job options out there, UVU provides students a great way for financing their education without taking a hit on grades.  Cutting out the stress and hassle of trying to schedule an off-campus job can be a huge blessing for students that are just getting started.


Giving students meaningful experience improves the experiential education that UVU is striving to achieve. Students can use their time in college to build a résumé that shows both consistency and loyalty to such a fast-growing institution.



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