UVUSA: Involvement through leadership

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By Nicole Shepard, News Editor @NicoleEShepard




Are you civically minded? Interested in feeding the homeless? Or are you a master party planner? Then there is likely a place for you with the UVUSA.


The Utah Valley University Student Association is split up into five main areas of involvement. These areas span from athletics to academics and from philanthropy to multi-cultural involvement.


The Student Activities Committee plans, organizes, and puts on student campus events. Activities range from dances and movie nights to family events, art festivals, and open mic nights.


“We’re always looking for students who want to get involved and have a good time,” Rebeka Grulich, director of student activities, said.


For the more academically minded, the Academic Senate is the best way to get involved in the academic process at UVU. If you have a high interest in shaping the educational experience associated with your major, then becoming a senator or working with the senator from your college is the perfect way to accomplish that.


Senators communicate with the dean and are the student voice for the academic side of UVU.  Each senator also serves as a representative for students within their college during student council processes, including student fee hearings.


The Service Committee is a great place to get involved with the community. Students on the Service Committee can help on a community and international scale planning and executing big and small events, from sub for Santa to the Hunger Banquet.


The Judicial Committee is for the students who are civically inclined. If you’re interested in helping your fellow students become more socially and politically aware, you’ll fit in well. The Judicial Committee helps with voter registration, student legal matters, and works in student advocacy.


For those interested in cultural expression and social change, the Multicultural Committee works hand-in-hand with the International and Multicultural Studies department to help diversify the cultural experience of UVU students.


“With a focus on giving a platform to social justice issues, the Multicultural Committee works to ensure that UVU students feel empowered,” Raluca Vulcaneantu, an international student, said.


With UVU’s recent acceptance into the WAC, the Mighty Athletic Wolverine League (MAWL) is growing in popularity.


“We’re like a formidable wall of green,” Jordan Waters, a three time MAWL member, said. “We’re dedicated to making the games the best possible.  It’s so much fun. We all get together for tailgating, and then we cheer on the team. Some of the best times are when we get to go to away games that are nearby. Nobody sees it coming.”


Whether you want to dive into college life with both feet and take up a leadership position, or take a less committed route, there are ways to make the best of your time at UVU.


“I don’t care how [you] get involved, just get involved” Grulich said. “Just go to events and activities. Find what’s going on. There are always so many options to take advantage of.”