Tuition runs out

Despite the alarm caused by signs proclaiming that students’ tuition is running out, tuition will not literally run out. But by the end of the semester, students will no longer be paying their own way.

The UVU Student Alumni are trying to raise awareness about the donations that students receive by running “Tuition Runs Out” day, an event that the group hopes will get students involved and gain a desire to give.

The idea behind the event is that students only pay around 58 percent of what it costs for their school year. The other 42 percent is coming from someone else.

“It is not that we are out of money, but others are now paying our tuition,” said Parker Donat, Student Alumni President. “It is a day of thanks and also awareness.”

It will start Jan. 29 and run until Feb. 2 which will be the “Tuition Runs Out” day, chosen because it is roughly 58 percent of the way through the school year.

The day will be promoted by signs that were posted last week and will be up again in the coming days. The signs encourage students to go to their website at to learn more about the event.

“We want everyone to go there to find out what it is all about,” Donat said. Nicki Gilbert, Events Coordinator for Student Alumni, talked about how the 42 percent is a good reason to give back.

Gilbert said the idea is to “give, then ask.” This means they want students to understand the donations they are getting from others in hopes that students will want to offer the same favor to future students.

“We understand that money is tight,” Gilbert said, “but when you get it, you can give. We are not here to take your money.”

While the event is more about awareness than actual money, they don’t want anyone who wants to donate now to be stopped from doing so. At there is a link that says “Make a contribution,” which directs to a giving page. “We are starting a tradition of student giving,” Donat said.

Along with the eventual monetary donations, the student alumni wants to encourage any participation that will promote pride in UVU. “If you love to dance, support dance,” Gilbert said, “or computer science or whatever it is you love. Support the university.”

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