The state of the lake

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Utah Lake restoration efforts will be discussed during the Utah Lake Symposium. Randyl Nielson/UVU Review

On Tuesday, Oct. 12, UVU will host the annual Utah Lake Symposium, giving biologists and community partners the chance to learn of and discuss the efforts being put forth to restore the state of Utah Lake.

Specific discussion topics will include Utah Lake’s food web, recovery programs, repairs of the lower Hobble Creek, status of the carp removal and the proposed Utah Lake bridge.

This is the sixth year the Utah Lake symposium has held the event.

“Their main goal is to make the public more aware of what is going on at the Utah Lake so they, too, can do their part in restoring the health of its ecosystem,” Michael Mills, the coordinator for the June Sucker Recovery Implementation Program. The group strives to prevent the species, native only to Utah Lake, from becoming extinct.

Former CEO of the Great Lakes Commission, Michael Donahue, will be the main speaker. This event, which takes place in the Library Auditorium, is free to the public. It will be held from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. with lunch and refreshments being served.

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