The Powers of LIES in POLITICS

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I find it curious that Joe Biden, Harry Reid, Al Franken, and many others are
so emphatically aligned to the left. Could they be characterized as supporters of social programs, really desiring the move towards big government, and higher taxes that they propose? Is that what they would really choose? But what about increasing a state’s minimum wage as a manipulative device to incorporate specific portions of a state’s population in an election. You raise the minimum wage, and everything else raises too, it’s common sense. Businesses just have to make it up elsewhere. It’s the same as implementing compulsory healthcare for full time employees; It means less people receive full time status and more people are out looking for second jobs. So why do politicians keep doing it? It’s become very obvious: power.

The presidential elections provide an example that I think is most demonstrative of this point. The 47% that Mitt Romney was offhandedly filmed insulting during
a campaign speech is the demographic most influenced by a raise in the minimum wage. My job has allowed me to talk with many of these people, people who are dependent due to injuries and old age. I’ve grown to sincerely care for these people after hearing some of their heartbreak-
ing stories about cancer, loneliness, and immobility. These people only make up

a portion of the demographic, but they’re being taken advantage of. These politicians push for these bills because they know they’re too alluring to refuse. It’s as easy as looking at the demographic majority of a region. If a region’s majority has a common problem, you give them a solution that has them do nothing to receive it. You buy their vote and win by the necessary majority. It’s almost that easy. The problem for the politician is
that he/she has to stay in power, so the process is repeated. In the mean time these promises become expectations for this demographic, and these people who are earnestly trying to achieve their life’s dreams develop a sense of entitlement which was purposely arranged by
these politicians.

Later on down the line the economy crashes, and lots of downward social movement occurs. There are more people who can’t afford to get by, and stand to benefit from these enslaving promises. It’s brilliant though, there never was a better time for a politician to sink his hooks

into society, one that will subject an even greater demographic, expanding his/her power. I’m certain there’s a mutual desire to care for the poor, sick, and afflicted, but let’s not lie to them and ourselves.

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