Skip the chain, eat local in Provo

Before you head out to TGI Friday and get cheese fries with your friends, meet a local and get something you can’t get anywhere else you have lived.

Bombay House
Cuisine: Indian
Recommended dish: Chicken Tikka Masala
Address: 463 n. University Avenue Provo, UT
This place was recommended to me by my good friend who is actually from India. His advice: Go with a group of friends and grab two or three menu items (total cost: about $30) and split it between about five people. Awesome experience and incredible Indian Food.
Joe’s Café
Cuisine: American/southern
Recommended dish: Joe’s burgers
Address: 1126 s. State Street, Orem
This place has great atmosphere. Joe is the owner and has a personality that’s larger than life. Make sure to bring in a few friends when you go and be sure to snap a picture with Joe.

Rice King
Cuisine: Chinese
Recommended dish: Sweet and Sour combo (even their fried rice is wonderful)
Address: 278 w. Center Street, Provo
This place is proof that something doesn’t need to be expensive to be good. The egg drop soup is delish and the portions are generous. As with the other restaurants, bring a date, a group of friends, or a professor from who you need a better grade.

Mountain West Burrito
Cuisine: Fresh/organic
Recommended dish: Anything
Address: 1796 n. 950 West, Provo
Don’t let the location fool you (it shares a building with a gas station). This place serves fresh, local veggies and free range animal meat. It’s all organic and it’s all delicious. No seriously, it’s awesome food, and pretty cheap too.

Sensuous Sandwhich
Cuisine: Subs
Recommended dish: Anything on the menu
Address : 163 w. Center Street, Provo and 378 e. University Parkway, Orem
Sub-who? Quiz-NO! Sensuous sandwich is the real king of sandwichdom in the valley. Sandwiches are purchased by the inch. It’s a Provo classic, extended into Orem.

Lehi Country Bakery
Cuisine: Baked goods
Recommended dish: Square donuts
Address: 172 w. Main Street Lehi
If there is anyone out there who is still punishing themselves with the Atkins diet, please do yourself a favor—break your own rule for a day and sample some of the food at this bakery.

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