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At a university, the price of a computer can’t be measured, especially when you have 10 minutes between classes to print an assignment. At UVU there are three main computer labs, with 220 computers in total, and they are all well-used.


Pete Burgess works in the library helping students with computer questions and trouble. Burgess knows as well as anyone how busy computer labs can be.


“The most busy time is between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. with rushes between classes when students go to print their papers.” Burgess said. “They’ll come ransack the computer lab between classes to print off a paper.”


A computer monitor can be found near the entrance of the library computer lab area, showing which computers are available, but Burgess said that students will wait around the bookcases for a computer. When asked about student complaints, he said most of the year students don’t complain too much. However, finals week is an exception.


During the middle of the day, students find it hard to find an available computer, which is understandable with so many students enrolled. If all of the computers were split between all of the enrolled students this year, now at 3,900, each student would have 5.6 percent of a computer.


Luckily, many students are commuter students and live with family, but many choose to use a laptop as their primary schoolwork computer. Paola Ortiz, a student at UVU, rarely goes to the computer lab.


“It’s easier if you don’t have to worry about saving things when you don’t get finished,” Ortiz said.


UVU student Anderson St. Hilaire also uses a laptop for homework.


“I have never been [to the computer labs]. Laptops are easier and more convenient,” Hilaire said.


The best time for students to get on a computer is in the evenings or early mornings.


The Pope Science building has 24 computers, the student center has 56 and the library has 140.


By Tiffany Thatcher
Asst. News Editor

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