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International students strive to raise $350,000 before it is too late for Urangoo Baatarkhuyag who was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia Sept. 5.
Moving to Utah when she was just eighteen from Mongolia, Baatarkhuyag graduated from UVU last year in engineering/drafting with honors. She was friends with most of the international students and went out of her way to help people.

“That is why we are trying to do this for her,” said Battsetseg Dorjmenchiu, another Mongolian student. “She is the sweetest girl you will ever know.”
Baatarkhuyag has spent the last few weeks at the LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City. The hospital is paying for the first month of chemotherapy but cannot provide more than that. Baatarkhuyag does not have health insurance and would be unable to pay for the chemotherapy or bone marrow transplant out of pocket. According to the hospital oncologist she will die in a matter of weeks without chemotherapy.

Baatarkhuyag first visited the hospital after feeling sick during the Labor Day holiday weekend. A few blood samples later she was admitted to the hospital and told that death was a serious possibility.

Her doctors are hoping that treatment will put the cancer in remission for now. However, she will need more treatment in a matter of weeks. A bone marrow transplant is the most effective treatment though chemotherapy may give her a few more years before another relapse. Even with a transplant Baatarkhuyag’s odds of survival are about 70 percent.

As of Sept. 27 Baatarkguyag’s friends have been able to raise $10,000 through PayPal and visitors at the hospital. This does not include donations from Matsu Sushi Grill which donated 100 percent of the revenue it generated on Sept. 27 to the cause.

The International Student Council (ISC) has also been very involved. Since Sept. 28 the ISC have manned a table in the Zone selling jewelry and other donated items to collect money. They have free bumper stickers with the blog for Baatarkguyag and will be accepting donations for the next few weeks. The ISC also planned a visit to Baatarkguyag in the hospital but it was cancelled because of her weak condition.

If you would like to donate or read more about Baaterkguyag visit There you can find a PayPal donate option as well as account numbers for bank accounts in both Mongolia and the United States for direct deposit.

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