Making history: Local art show connects the past and the present

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Art gatherings called “salons” have been around for a long time. For over 400 years, people from all classes have been gathering in the halls and homes of dignitaries to admire artwork and socialize. These events have served as springboards for new ideas and philosophies, often sparking revolutionary new ways of thinking.


Inspired by a rich heritage, the Springville Museum of Art is continuing this legacy by holding their annual Spring Salon. Known as “Art City” this quiet community just beyond the suburbs of Provo is home to Utah’s oldest museum—and one of the oldest museums west of the Mississippi. Since 1937, the SMofA has given Springville an identity it couldn’t be more proud of. Throughout the past 88 years, the exhibit has become the largest and most influential show of local artists in the state of Utah.


Because the awards have become so prestigious, judging is a serious honor and privilege. Curators, art historians and entrepreneurs in the art industry all have the daunting task of judging the pieces. Each year is completely different from the past. While chaos, confusion and an explosion of vivid color may champion the competition one year, the simplicity and calmness of a cow pasture and a towering tree may be awarded first place the following year.


Some things are subject to direct interpretation, while others can be viewed however you want. Either way, what you see at the Spring Salon is sure to be original. The artists have labored to construct, design and create things unimaginable.


No salon should go without an awards presentation and a chance to socialize glamorously. The 46th Annual Art Ball will highlight both the art and the attendees. Elegance and style will pour into the museum while participants dine and dance to the music of a big band, and all are welcome to participate in a fine art auction. The auction is new and is sure to draw out a little competition from the crowd.


The theme for this year’s Art Ball is “Through the Looking Glass.” So set your watch ahead and don’t be late, because this is a very important date. Looking for a more exciting way to experience local art would be a waste of time.


Springville Museum of Art

126 East 400 South, Springville

Spring Salon

April 20 – July 1


Art Ball

Saturday May 12 

6:30 – 10:30 p.m. $35


By Collin Lawrence

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