Invigorating the Economy

Christine Ruth/UVU Review

Utah Valley University plays a crucial role in the economy surrounding Utah County. It is currently ranked as the fifth largest employer and it is estimated that for every state dollar that is put into the school, $6.22 worth of revenue is generated towards the community.

That being said, it is important to realize that we are not alone in this and many businesses across the state are committed to making our economy thrive.

On Nov. 5 many influential business people from around the state gathered in the Grande Ballroom to listen while President Holland announced a seven point initiative strategy that will increase our schools integration with the rest or the business community.

“We want to be committed to the community,” Holland said. “We want to benefit from you and at the same time help you.”
The seven proposed initiatives will help do just that, according to Holland.

First, the school will create a technology commercialization office, which will help manage, license and protect research findings and ideas that our school uncovers.

Second, new entrepreneurship initiatives will be implemented, which would include a small business resource center.
Third, an emphasis on educational rigor.

Fourth, maintaining a dialogue with the business community.

Fifth, establishing UVU as a leader in economic cluster initiatives.

Sixth, a focus on the early development of career pathways for students that will help them identify future career goals and begin working towards them close to the beginning of their education.

Finally, an institutional focus on China as an emerging world economic power.

This announcement was met with excitement and anticipation from those in attendance. Even though there were very few students in the audience to hear the unveiling of this strategy, these initiatives will have a big impact in their educational experience and transition into their careers after graduation.

“It is important for students to be aware that something this incredible is happening on our campus,” said Richard Portwood, the Student Body President.

Portwood went on to explain that this is going to open up many opportunities for students. This meeting focused on what UVU will do to help prepare students to enter the business world.

Many very influential people in the community heard this and expressed high hopes and expectations for these students. Portwood predicts that because of this, when a potential employer receives an application from a UVU graduate they will associate this with these initiates and give the degree more credibility.

This announcement is another step our university is taking to help build  the schools reputation and credibility throughout the state.

In an effort to receive the full benefits of their education, students are encouraged to become more aware of programs like these and take advantage of the resources that are offered.

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