International Student Volunteers

In preparation for their 2010 service schedule, representatives from the International Student Volunteers program held meetings on Oct. 1 in the Student Center to educate students about the benefits of participating in this non-profit organization.

With locations in more than seven countries ranging from Thailand to Romania, ISV offers four-week programs in a host country of choice where participants strive to make a difference through education, conservation, community development and adventure. The first two weeks of the program are dedicated to working with local organizations to make a difference in the community. The remaining two weeks are spent exploring the culture and exotic locations of the host country.

Nichole Farley, a representative for ISV, said that volunteering “allows [her] to a make a serious difference in the world while making friends, learning new skills and developing [her] global awareness in a friendly, safe and well-organized environment.” Farley’s co-rep for ISV, Anna Guthrie, loves that the program offers “experiential lessons.” Guthrie was ecstatic about the opportunity to “experience culture through volunteering.” ISV focuses on opportunities for students to travel with a purpose, not just as a tourist.

Programs run between May and Aug. of 2010, with exact schedules assigned to those accepted into the program. The application fee is $10 and can be completed online at There is no obligation to complete a tour, but if you are interested in volunteering and adventure, then ISV may be the perfect opportunity to make next summer a rewarding life experience by aiding our global community.

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  1. hello.I am writing from Mongolia.I really want to participate in this volunteer.So how about this year.If i want to participate in 2011 volunteer what should i do.Please reply me any news about the volunteer.
    with kind regards Khulan.

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