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The Second Annual Law School Deans Night will be Oct. 20 from 6-8 p.m. in SC206 a,b and c where thirty law schools will be recruiting for their law programs.

The first hour is a mock-admissions panel where deans read over actual applications and then say why they would or would not accept the applicants’ paper.

The second hour is a speed-dating-like law fair where students will go table to table to speak to the different recruiters.

This unique opportunity gives students a chance to get to know faculty and programs in a personal way that participators can’t find anywhere else. Participants will find out what experts think about applications in case they ever planning on applying to law school as well as make great contacts.

Zachary Davis, Vice President of the Pre-Law Club, feels that events like this are giving students better chances at getting into law school as deans begin to realize students from UVU are ready and capable for any challenge law school could bring.

The event is a being sponsored by the Pre-Law Club, which was established in spring 2008. The club focus is to prepare students for acceptance to, and success in, law school. Club events include Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) preparation and bi-annual service projects.

“Your job search starts today,” said Eileen Doyle Crane, the pre-law advisor.

“The purpose of a club like this is to create networking among students, by students and for students. The people a person meets in the undergrad program are friends for life.”

Attire for the event is business casual but there is no need to bring resume. For more information on the Pre-Law Club contact either club president Chris Barton at 801-865-4548 or Eileen Doyle Crane at 801-863-6779.

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