I Heart Skinny Jeans

Rolling to the end of my bed before the sun has even risen, I sit staring into my tiny unorganized closet.


In the dim light I take a mental inventory of my clothing. Selecting what to wear each day can be a real pain, but having my go-to item makes it easier. What is my trusty go-to piece of apparel? It’s my skinny jeans of course.


When skinny jeans first became popular a few years back, I was a scoffer, I’ll admit. I saw those tight little leg coverings and stuck my nose straight up in the air at them. Surely this would be a fad that could only last a year, maybe two, tops. They reminded me of the stirrup stretchy pants that were so popular when I was kid, yes, I grew up in the 80’s.


But here we are years later and they are more popular than ever. It was the longevity of their stay that caused me to wonder.


So last year I timidly walked into a local clothing store and selected a few to try on. I remained skeptical all the way to the dressing room door.


I slid my legs into each pant, bottomed and zipped them up. I turned to the mirror, and there they were, the perfect fit.


It was better than I could have imagined. They were like two little hugs on my legs. And at the same time they did not constrict.


Over the last year I have had my fun with each new pair of skinny jeans I have purchased.


I have some that are shorter and I roll them up a few inches at the end, and paired with some comfy flats, I am ready for a casual day.


A darker or black pair of skinny jeans combined with a nice blouse and some heels will have me set for work or a nice dinner party.


This is why they are my go-to piece, they are so versatile. One minute their casual, the next they’re dressy.


During the short time these fantastic jeans and I have been acquainted, I have owned several styles and pairs. I have had dark blue skinny jeans with the perfect amount of stretch, black jeans with gold zippers at the bottom and lighter toned ones that hugged my calves like a kid hugs a puppy.


Even before skinny jeans made their debut, women have always searched for the perfect pair of jeans. I have to say I have found the perfect jeans, and as surprised as I was to find love with these skinny little pants, I have.

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