A Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

April 23, 2012

Reading Time: 2 minutes Dear UVU,  Ten years ago, when I first made the decision to come to, then UVSC, I could not have anticipated the road I would take to get to where I am today. After stepping away from school in 2004 to take care of my dying mother and raise my daughter, I did not anticipate […]

Voting closes, new Exec Council crosses team lines

March 7, 2012

Reading Time: 2 minutes When the final vote count came in for the 2012-2013 Executive Council, candidates and students alike were surprised by the split across team lines.   Chad Workman, of Team Impact was announced as the new Student Body President. Jared Roberts of Team EXElerate will be the Executive Vice President. Erin Haskell and Clara LeFevre of […]

UVUSA debate recap: what went well, what could have been better

March 6, 2012

Reading Time: 4 minutes On day two of the most heated UVUSA student elections in years, the candidate groups took center stage – literally.   Teams EXELerate, Impact and Aspire each made their case for student votes in front of a packed Centre Stage in the student center, Tuesday. The student government hopefuls responded to questions formulated before the […]

Local couple share their love story to win dream engagement ring

February 9, 2012

Reading Time: 2 minutes Every love story hopes to have a “Brilliant Beginning” that will lead to the happy ever after. For Brooke Porter and Garrett Wahlquist they found a way to add to their already beautiful love story, with Goldsmith Co. Jewelers’ “Brilliant Beginnings” contest. According to their Facebook page, Goldsmith is looking for that one love story, […]

Utah Valley Artists on Etsy

January 16, 2012

Reading Time: 2 minutes Talking to the Trees on Etsy by Andrea Whatcott Editor-in-chief   Sites: http://talk2thetrees.blogspot.com http://talk2thetrees.com http://treetalker.etsy.com http://facebook.com/talk2thetreesart   Rachel TreeTalker is an artist. From the time she was little, it was all she wanted to do.   Her dad, like any loving father, cautioned her that she might become the cliche, “the starving artist.” “And that’s […]

#Cory Edwards @uvu

November 21, 2011

Reading Time: 2 minutes “If Facebook were a country, it would be the world’s third largest [in population].” With the impact of social media in the world today, students gathered to learn from Cory Edwards, director of social media and corporate reputation at Dell, to learn how to use social media to advance business. The lecture was sponsored by the […]

AQUÍ Y AHORA: Retratando el mundo

November 21, 2011

Reading Time: 2 minutes     Una joven fotógrafa latina en UVU muestra sus raíces mediante su arte. Retratando la diversidad su cultural y la fuerza de la raza latina. María José Corona Castillo es estudiante de fotografía en UVU. Ella está a un paso de graduarse y hacer su sueño realidad. También hizo un intercambio en Nueva York […]

Journeys of change: To Afghanistan and back

November 21, 2011

Reading Time: 2 minutes Women walk in shapeless forms, every inch of flesh covered, hidden from prying eyes. Men and donkeys pull wooden-wheeled carts through the streets. A minaret stands against the skyline. Remains of the Soviet occupation peak out like dinosaur fossils in the earth. This was Afghanistan. Thursday, Nov. 10 in the UVU Library auditorium, professor Scott […]