Here and Now: The Multicultural Center

From the wonderful landscape of Latin America to the beautiful islands of Hawaii and Samoa or the reverent Native American reservations, diversity is another aspect which the university is proud to promote.

The Multicultural Center is a little nest where students can go if they want to socialize more and become familiar with the different cultures that make up this center.

The center has students from all over the world, however, there are six different clubs that students can choose from to be more involved. Any student who wishes to participate can, whether they are from that country or not. Different cultures make this center a very friendly place for anyone who visits.

Sarah Goleafoa, Samoan club member loves the multicultural center and feels very fortunate to have a place like this where you can make friends.

“It’s a very comfortable place especially for multicultural students who need to feel at home when they are so far from it,” says Goleafoa. “There are tutors there too and we can ask the same question as many times as you need and they don’t get mad at you and there is also financial aid and the director is very kind and helpful.”

Dancing, eating, talking, sharing was all part of the celebration that took place last Monday at Centre Stage. Where the Samoan club gathered to celebrate their culture and give a little taste of their food and traditions.

“This is my first year here and I have been very welcomed by very friendly people. There are many new students this year and even though they went to orientation, they still feel lost and do not know where everything is, ” said Dvien Smith, the club vice-president of the Native Americans. “If it weren’t for the multicultural center, I wouldn’t be going to college because I wouldn’t know of any programs and scholarships offered here.”

The Multicultural Center is not only to socialize but also to help students with any situation. For example, the center has opportunities for scholarships and mentoring opportunities, either to help other students or to get help for themselves.

The theme of the university is “Be more engaged” and the Multicultural center provides opportunities for those who are willing to learn and become tomorrow’s leaders.

Multicultural Center
Room WB 146S

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