Future of Entrepreneurs Club Revealed

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Dr. Peter Robinson and Tyler Babbs, photo courtesy of Jeff Larsen


Tuesday evening, UVU’s Entrepreneurs Club revealed their future plans and gave special recognitions to students at the UVU Lemonade Stand Entrepreneur Banquet.

KISSTIXX lip balm, 360 Watches, Power Practical, Utah Valley Lawn Care, and My Legacy Memorial, were some of the local businesses created by students that were featured in the event. Students had the opportunity to share their ideas and network with local leaders in the community.

The Lemonade Stand theme was used to remind students of their first steps of creating their own businesses. “Build your own lemonade stand,” said Devereaux Smith, director of the UVU Entrepreneurs Club. Smith explained to the audience of the UVU Entrepreneurs four major plans for the upcoming year.

According to Smith, the UVU Entrepreneurs will have a summer camp and will also form an Entrepreneurship Alumni Society to help students network. The group also will be organizing the UVU corn maize in the city of Payson to help raise scholarship money.

Lastly, the club plans to change their name this fall from the UVU Entrepreneurs to the Creative Society. They are hoping this change will help draw students from various backgrounds. Smith explained that the Creative Society is every students club.

“Whether you think you’ll own a business, or you just want to design t-shirts and logos, or you want to open a dance studio, or you want to do hair, or you want to write a book and sell a book,” said Smith. “Creative society is where you need to come.”

Dr. Peter Robinson, UVU Morris Professor of Entrepreneurship gave two steps of advice. He said that students need to have a mentor, to advise them, give them information, and credibility. His second piece of advice was for students to complete their education.

Tyler Babbs, owner of Utah Valley Lawn Care, |Shipzi.com|, and Green Armadillo Gear was awarded student entrepreneur of the year. Babbs mentioned that the Entrepreneurship Club is one of the hottest programs at UVU.

“The big problem with most entrepreneurs is that everyone has an idea and most people are too afraid or are too scared to actually do something about that passion,” said Babbs. “My suggestion is to just do it and make it happen.”




By Emily Stephenson – News Editor


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