Wear it now: warrior look exemplifies confidence

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future_warriorwebImagine being in some kind of twisted time warp. An Aztec woman is working as a knight of the Middle Ages sometime in the year 3000. No, this is not the plot of a summer blockbuster attempt – it’s a fashion statement nicknamed the “Future Warrior.”

This trend is about details, details, details. For instance, envision intricate tribal patterns set in metal on a shirt that has a futuristic silhouette. Black, white and cream, along with gold, silver and bronze are the dominant colors. Search for non-tacky shades of metal. Venetian gold is a good pick, and any silver should be either dark or distressed. Look like the real deal, not as though the clothes were made by stealing craft kits from kids. Be an international grave robber instead.

The fashion world’s persistent love of leggings and tights has been updated to fit this movement. Metal detailing, especially on the knees, is the new cool. This style can be replicated at home using some plain leggings and metal bits. Go to a craft store and browse for things that can be sewn on, such as antique metal buttons or maybe even studs. Even bottle caps could be used if applied securely. Add intricate patterns or just make wide anklets. The same process can be used to spice up the collars of shirts or to make shoulders more fun.

It’s essential to check out the runway to get a feel for how the trend works. Search for Sass & Bide’s Futuregrand collection to get to the heart of the style. Balenciaga’s Spring/Summer 2010 show featured a more urban version and includes examples of war paint-like makeup that would be fun to try on a night out. Rodarte’s spring 2010 show features torn fabrics, fringing and leather details, all of which can be incorporated to get the look.

Day in class

Tunics are a staple of the future warrior. A jacket or shrug can also be worn with plainer clothes for a school-appropriate look. Forever 21 has a plethora of options. Go on their website and look up their studded knit top ($22.80), embellished tunic ($34.80), antique metal trim top ($15.80) and embellished shoulder shrug ($19.80) for inspiration as to how to make this look casually wearable.

Night on the town

This is when the more edgy pieces can be tried out. Confidence is the key to pulling off this look. Remember: Be the knight AND the maiden. Pair the shaprness of metal with flowy pieces to avoid looking like something straight off a movie set. The Aztec-inspired metallic threaded dress from Forever 21 ($34.80) is fierce and a perfect example of what to look for when making a statement. The studded floral dress from Charlotte Russe ($28.99) is a softer option, with flowery details on the skirt. If using something very patterned, stick to solids for the rest of the outfit.

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