Wear it now: Going through a rough patch? Use it to funk up your wardrobe.

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You’ve spent the last few years getting those torn jeans just perfectly roughed up. Now that they’ve been shredded to the point of inconvenience, know that they don’t have to be thrown out. Patch them up!

This trend is still in the in the early stages, but seems to be growing. Celebrities such as Drew Barrymore, Jessica Alba and Christina Aguilera have been seen in patched denim and it’s showing up on Chanel’s runway. But mostly it’s been found on the streets, where fashion-savvy individuals are catching the attention of magazines and trend watchers.

Pre-patched jeans are making their way into stores, but the most authentic look will come from taking a DIY approach. Take a pair of jeans that should never be worn again and cut them up to put on other pants. They can be patched either from the outside or from the inside. Level of sewing ability doesn’t matter. Both neatly and haphazardly applied patches are fashionable.

Day in class

The great thing about this trend is that it’s fairly effortless. Wear them with whatever you’d normally wear jeans with — as long as it’s not too busy. The jeans are your statement piece, so keep the rest simple. The patched slim flare jean from Wet Seal ($29.50) features exaggerated stitching and would be great with a long sleeved tee, big necklace and a hat.

Night on the town

Patches don’t have to be denim-on-denim. In fact, other fabrics are a great way to show off your personality when out and meeting people or for a first date. Geometric black leather is an attention-getter, as seen on Cheap Monday’s special edition leather patched tight skinny jean, available at www.Asos.com ($42.49). Softer fabrics are more representative of some girls. Patterned pieces of fabric are a pretty alternative, like the handkerchief straight leg jeans from Forever 21 ($29.80).

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