Watercolor exhibit now on display in library

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Watercolor exhibit in the library now through June 26. Courtesy of Mindy Harward
Watercolor exhibit in the library now through June 26. Courtesy of Mindy Harward

A variety of works from the Utah Watercolor Society are now on display in the UVU library. This exhibition includes a selection from the Annual Juried Exhibition of the Watercolor Society.

Each piece on display is characteristic of the artist, which makes for diverse subject matter —some works are of flowers and wildlife, some of people and events and some are of landscapes, all beautifully done with only watercolors.

Founded in 1974, The Utah Watercolor Society’s purpose is to advance the medium itself. They state that their aim is to “elevate watercolor and educate the public of the importance of watercolor as a creative, permanent art medium.”  Artists involved are encouraged to share methods with each other as they develop their own artistic skill. The Society is a great way for an artist to gain confidence and exposure by having their work displayed in exhibits.

The pieces in this exhibit are from a competition held each year that is juried by well-known watercolorists from all over the country. According to the Society, they include “everything from the fresh and spontaneous images usually associated with watercolor to more controlled images that have been created through carefully overlaid washes.”  The effect of this motley collection is stunning, and these beautiful watercolors are not to be missed.

The exhibit can be seen on the fifth floor of the library through June 26.

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