Tolerance is the wrong way to think

By Neil Goslin | Contributor

The world engages in tolerance and racial relations in a variety of ways. The new movie The Black Panther engages in a few different types of racial discussions and scenarios. In The Black Panther, race is not the only issue of course. There are issues of identity, such as the primary villain who was abandoned and then Americanized to an extreme and dangerous point.

What is tolerance really? Tolerance is a condescension. Tolerance is a way for a person in power to look down at minorities and less privileged and say, “I guess I’ll put up with you.”

There is nothing wrong with being gay, for instance, or being black or latinx, or holding views different from the mainstream; So, what is there to tolerate?

To tolerate is to have already made an imprecise and egocentric judgement on a person whom is different than you. Those who belong to minority groups do not have an option to cry tolerance. Most simply try to exist and do not have the resources or means to tolerate or not tolerate anything, they simply want to live.

The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines tolerance as “the act of allowing something.” As if a non-Mormon, a Muslim or an atheist is some guest we allow in our space just for the night. As if the black, latinx or gay person is some kind of vegetable that is not well-liked, but is healthy.

It is of paramount importance to recognize that tolerance is wrong in its concept. People in minority groups do not need to be tolerated by the majority, but rather accepted. It is best to not even think in terms of tolerance. It is important to realize that to tolerate or not tolerate is not the decision of one group. It is not one group’s inalienable right to elect to allow others to exist in the world. It is important to acknowledge that the word “tolerance” should have never been used in conjunction with humanity.

Do not tolerate, rather accept. Do not hate, rather love. Tolerance leaves space for intolerance.


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