STAFF Infection

“What would you say is worse than the construction on campus?”


The view from the AVC design labs.  Breathtaking. –Will King


The Holocaust. -Josh Wartena


The only thing worse than construction would be being a construction worker. –Emily Stephenson


Campus construction is like showing up late to help your friend move, only to find they still haven’t


boxed anything up yet. You were hoping they’d be further along and now you’re stuck walking way too


much and sweating more than normal. – Drew Milton


Overwhelmed and Under Informed. -Kevin Bryan


State liquor stores being closed on Sundays. -Mallory Black


Deconstruction. –Brette Richmond


E-mails about hot Christian singles! –Cameron Simek


Twilight. –Jonathan Boldt


Destruction. –Tara Mendenhall


Self inflicting your hands with paper cuts then putting them in lemon juice. –Carolyne Chronister


Getting a speeding ticket in a construction zone. Fines double! –Ariane Logan

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