The mystery of a women’s purse

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It always seems like
women carry their whole lives around in their bags. Truth is, they do carry everything. Women around campus were asked the big question, “What is in your bag?” Everyone carries the basics; notebooks, books, pens, and pencils. Butsome items found were interesting.

“Actually I bring my lunches so I always get really weird looks,” Rachel Coplin a senior at UVU said. “They’re like portioned out meals, so I just pull out these Tupperware boxes with chicken and rice.”

One of the most popular items women carry is food or snacks. Coplin mentioned she carries her lunches so she can concentrate on eating healthy.

Chelsey Cscallna, a sophomore at UVU, also said she carries lunch with her on a regular basis. Most women are on the go, so the only way they can stay healthy is to pack their lunches and take them to school.

Other popular items women carry are ChapStick or

“I probably have like eight ChapSticks,” Coplin said.

When asked what the weirdest thing she has in her bag, Evelyn Lewis, UVU student, said she had socks and earrings. Lewis is a dancer, so she carries things that will allow her to get ready after her dance classes.

Other items women carry are make-up, brushes, lotion and perfume. Rebecca Jones, a senior at UVU, said she
carries her camera with her every day.

Every woman interviewed carried a wallet as well. Women can’t just stick their
wallets in their back pockets like men do. Women tend to have big wallets that contain credit cards, check books, receipts and even coupons. Women also carry their phones in their bags since sometimes they don’t have pockets or they don’t want to lose them.

So next time you see a women with countless items in her bag, don’t think, “What in the world?” Women tend to have busy lives outside of school. Their busy lives can include being a mother or having a full time job. Every item that is in a woman’s bag has a reason for being there. Women don’t like to carry things they don’t have to.


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