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I may be alone, but I’m not lonely. At first I resented that I was the one in the newsroom asked to write about being single on Valentine’s Day, but then I realized it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. In fact, I’m happy to represent such a vast number of single people. I’ve never been in a relationship during Valentine’s Day and I have an internal list that I follow in order to survive and not feel bad about myself.

1. Being single doesn’t mean that you are not loved. You have friends and family that love you. Just because you are not in a relationship does not mean the world is going to end. Get a grip. You haven’t found a significant other in this time of your life, and Valentine’s Day reminds you of it.

2. Instead of hating the day, why not embrace it? Us single people don’t have to be selfish and whine all day about not being surprised with flowers, it’s actually a lot more fun to surprise others.

Make Valentine cards and give them out to friends. Have a party celebrating things you love. Honor the relationships you do have in your life. You could even walk around with a “Free Hugs!” sign.

3. If you focus on what you don’t have, how do you know you’ll be happy once you have it? It’s okay to be content with what you already have. Take a moment to appreciate it all.

4. Just because someone is in a relationship doesn’t mean they’re happy. I’m not hating on couples, but relationships require a lot of work and communication, don’t be fooled at how easy it looks from the outside.

5. Married people wake up and realize that they’re the same person they were before they got married. Marriage doesn’t solve all problems.

6. It’s up to you to love your life and do what makes you happy. Don’t feel bad that there isn’t a significant other holding your hand yet, keep doing what you love to do and eventually you’ll find someone that’s just as crazy as you are.

7. You’re more than a label. Society has a need to categorize people and once we get the label “Single on Valentine’s Day” it feels as if we have failed at life. A relationship status doesn’t even begin to explain everything we are, and it shouldn’t define our worth either.

8. We all want to fall in love and get swept off our feet. If you’re single, don’t rain on other people’s parades for finding the person that makes them happy.

9. Spreading happiness to others makes you happy too. Get out there and start loving others. Sitting alone and complaining to your cat won’t do much, go out your front door and find your happy.

For any pessimists or haters-of- love not convinced with that list, I also made a list for how to get through the day. You’re welcome in advance.

1. Have a pity-party and cry to your cat about your problems.

2. Eat large amounts of chocolate.

3. Be a blues guitar player and write songs about your sad life.

4. Watch “He’s Just Not That Into You”.

5. Sing “All By Myself” by Celine Dion in your car at stoplights. Pretend to cry when others look at you.

6. Cut out a pile of paper hearts and then burn them.

7. Send yourself flowers while at work and say they’re from a secret lover.

8. Eat an entire carton of ice cream. You deserve it.

9. Listen to “Tear Drops on My Guitar” by Taylor Swift on repeat.

10. Move to a country that bans the holiday (Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Iran, and different parts of Russia). No matter how you spend the day, just know that there are a lot of other single people out there in the same boat. You’re more likely to have fun completing either of these lists together. From one single person to another, I hope you have a great Valentine’s Day.

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