Letter to the Editor: thanks to UVU 100 scholars

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On May 1st, The Salt Lake Tribune published a letter signed by approximately 108 members of the faculty and staff of Utah Valley University. The letter, which can be found here, addresses President Holland’s recent participation in an amicus brief filed in the 10th circuit court, in opposition of gay marriage. Faculty and staff who signed the letter question whether Holland can truly be committed to UVU’s core values of diversity and inclusion while publicly opposing marriage equality.

As a student at UVU, I have heard dozens of prodigious lectures from these and other professors. From them, I have learned about Saussure, Wollstonecraft, and Descartes, dark matter and cosmic rays, motor proteins and Milgram. But the lessons they have taught me in signing this letter are far more significant. Thanks to all of them for their examples of courage and integrity.

Cally Stephens

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