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Being from Salt Lake and now living in Orem, I find that the stereotype of Utah County and Salt Lake County as completely different worlds has definitely proved itself true. For example, we did not have things like “Happy Valley Cuddles” in Salt Lake. Now, don’t get me wrong here, I had more NCMO’s than one can compare to, but I was also in high school and not pushing 30.

So here’s the dirt. Back in January, a gentleman named Rick Pridds decided that Utah Valley needed to “loosen up” and see some more excitement. To that end, he became a certified cuddle party organizer, and started “Happy Valley Cuddles.” Yes, apparently both really exist…

What is a cuddle party, and how does it work? You start by becoming a certified organizer, then finding a safe place to hold the cuddle party, which in this case, are held at Pridds music studio in Lindon. After both tasks are fulfilled, you then need to find willing individuals who are in desperate search of comfort and companionship, and nothing more. Sorry to those looking for your NCMO, it doesn’t work that way here. Cuddle parties cater to those who have a hard time meeting people, conversing with people and breaking out of their shells.

“I brought this to Utah County to help lighten up the valley a little. Our interactions like this are really good, but we have our walls up way too high. This is a great chance for people to knock down these walls,” said Pridds.

I personally haven’t experienced these trials like others seem to. Let’s be real, if you’ve ever seen me on campus, I’m usually rocking out to my music while sporting a giant Afro, and a much bigger smile. So I wouldn’t be caught dead at a cuddle party. However, even if a cuddle party isn’t quite for me, I wouldn’t necessarily condemn one either.

Apparently, Happy Valley Cuddle parties have been quite effective. A soldier and Iraq vet who has a bad case of PTSD regularly comes down from Logan to participate. Since coming home, he has not been able to have formal relationships very easily due to the PTSD. The cuddle groups have helped him to not only regain a sense of comfort and lost affection needs, but also boost his confidence levels. If that isn’t enough, at least three relationships have blossomed from these sessions, that Pridds knows of.

Pridds said that he would like to open up his cuddle parties to all ages, if there were more demand. So, if this story got your craving for some companionship or romance going, visit cuddleparty.com, or look up Happy Valley Cuddles on Facebook. Be advised that there is a $20 donation fee requested for each session. Just remember to stay safe, and that the Holy Ghost goes to bed at midnight.

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  1. The website is http://www.happyvalleycuddleparties.com as is the name of the Meetup and Facebook Group. Looking for Happy Valley Cuddles won’t get you too far. I’ve been to these events, and although I’m sure the intention of this article was good, Jesse hasn’t been to a Cuddle Party and seems hardly qualified to say what goes on or who attends and why. Come to a Happy Valley Cuddle Party and THEN maybe write something from a knowledgeable perspective. Oh and maybe acquire an editor/proofreader.

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