Team Impact

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Team Impact

Student Body President:­ Chad Workman

Executive Vice­President: Ryan Edward

Academic Vice­President: ­Erin Haskell

Activities Vice­President: ­Clara LeFevre


1. How do you feel about transparency?

We feel transparency is important to gain the trust of those you serve. We strive for accountability, and it is a central theme in our campaign.


2. Why do you think students don’t care about the campus elections, and why should

students care about elections?

We feel the simple answer is that they do not know about them and don’t realize the impact their voice has on campus.


3. What is the most important part of your platform?

One of the biggest issues at UVU is the lack of faculty and classrooms. With this in mind, the most detailed part of our platform is to help the administration solve that very issue.


4. What makes you the best qualified for the position, explain each of yourqualifications/experience?


Chad: I first off will mention that I do not know all of the candidates running for my position in detail. To convince you that I am the best candidate for Student Body President while not knowing the others experience would be ignorant on my part. With that being said, I feel I am an extremely competent individual and will work harder than any other presidential candidate running. I received the Center for the Advancement of Leadership housing scholarship in 2007, went to Chile to serve an LDS mission for two years, and finished my second year in the Leadership Center when I returned. I graduated from the program with High Distinction and recognize the amazing leadership skills it taught me. During that whole process, I served as a Program Director for Education First in the Service Learning office, helped my roommate start up the Green Man Group Drumline, planned and executed the UVU Thinks Big event in September of last semester, currently serve as the Senator for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences on UVUSA, and work as the Student Coordinator in the Center for the Advancement of Leadership. I have experience serving in important positions and have done a great job in each. It will be that way as I serve UVU as Student Body President, if not better.


Clara: I am qualified for this position because first and foremost the student activities position I am running for demands a louder personality. I am someone that can comfortably meet new people and create an environment necessary to facilitate fun. Obviously that is one reason among many others like meeting new people that student life should be advocating. Student life events should promote a more foundational sense of school pride. It is obvious that UV pride lacks. Maybe this is the case because many people are unwilling to “bleed” green. As we plan events that are dedicated to student participation and UV pride, we will see more school spirit and pride. I’ve worked closely with other organizations on campus and have put on dances in the institute, planned events at student housing complexes, and still most of my best learning experiences have been in talking with students and being open to new ideas. With these thoughts in mind, I truly am the best candidate for VP of Activities.


Erin: I think what qualifies me the most for this position is my understanding of what it is I will be doing. It is being the voice of the students, whatever that voice may be. Another qualification would be my leadership outside of the UVUSA experience. I have had the opportunity to be in positions where creativity, collaboration, inspiring others and most importantly putting the needs of others as top priority; in these experiences I excelled. I also have fresh perspective, untarnished by some of the traditions of previous years, seeing as this is my first year in Student Government.


Ryan: Executive Vice President of UVU, what does he do? What should he do? What can he do? If you were to ask 10 random UVU students these questions I believe you’d get 10 different answers. The truth is that very few know about this and in all honesty any other position of student government. I know, and I know because for three years, I was one of these students. The reason I bring this up is because depending on the answers to these questions, hangs the response to who is “best qualified” for that position. Honestly I don’t know how all of UVU feels about this position and thus can’t say that I would be their first choice, I’ll tell you what I do know. I have been attending UVU for three years this summer and since attending have been heavily involved. I have danced on the Ballroom teams since I arrived and now dance with the UVU Ballroom Tour Team. I have worked with the Office of Student Involvement for nearly two years now running and managing the Zone (a place for students to learn and serve together outside of the classroom setting) along with other Zone managers. I have participated with many clubs on campus and am currently part of the LDSSA leadership and help to make new activities that include and allow for more people to participate than ever before in that club. I have done all this while pursuing a double major in Biology and Chemistry and have excelled. I feel my past at this University speaks for itself, I know how to organize my life so I can handle large responsibilities. I am willing to work hard for what I believe to be a good cause. I know how to make situations and environments that are friendly and productive for all. I feel I know what it is like to be a student and pledge to act in his benefit and the benefit of the University no matter how difficult it may make my job. This in my mind is true leadership, this is what UVU needs, and I am a “best qualified” candidate because I am willing to do it.


5. What efforts will you make to include staff, students, and the community with your


We are currently doing this very thing in our campaign. We are letting students know that they each have an impact at UVU and collect feedback from them daily. If we are elected, we will use that feedback as a source of reference for the next year we are in office. We plan on applying this feedback to our yearly goals. We will also reach out to the community to increase UVU branding, support increase of landmarks, and build better relationships with local businesses.


6. What is one tangible thing that you plan to do if elected, that you will be

recognized for?

We have seen student government after student government announce all the wonderful and great things they will do for students, which is an amazing and wonderful thing with good turnouts, yet students still don’t know who UVUSA is, or what it does. It’s time to simplify things. We will get more classroom space for students and become recognized as a team that actively seeks out student opinion and constantly responds to their requests by taking action. Significance.


7. What motivates you to be involved with UVUSA and run in the elections?


Chad: I have never been satisfied in sitting back and letting people who are unfamiliar to me make big, important decisions without my input, especially when it involves me and the people I know. I see too many people not care about who makes decisions for them, whether be on a national scale or a local level. My greatest motivation is the constant desire I have to learn and grow and help others do so in the process. UVU has given me a great education, wonderful networking opportunities, and a fantastic job. To give of myself as next years Student Body President would be a great opportunity for me to give back to UVU and help its students obtain the same opportunities I have received, if not more.


Clara: I am motivated to run in the elections because I feel for long while Students involved in UVUSA have been a rotating group of people who appear to only associate themselves with a small group of students (Not saying that this is the case). We would be much more productive if we used all UVU has to offer and build coalitions school wide to enhance the UVU experience. Many students are unaware of what they can do to get involved. Why does it have to be so? I know that while student government members are pretty awesome, they should not be set apart from the student body, but actually be more involved in representing each individual student. With that heavy 30,000 + student responsibility, it is incredibly important that these students gather an accurate portrayal of what students really want to be happening on campus rather than a perceived agenda comprised by a few. While these are opportunities to build one’s resume, creating an environment that encourages students’ campus?wide to really take an active role in their college experience and improving the student government rules should be most important.


Erin: My motivation comes from the genuine desire to empower individuals to make positive changes in their lives. We as UVU students have the tools we need in order to gain the success that we want! We can make changes. We can make an impact. Ryan: One of the greatest desires of my life has always been to influence others for good. I can’t help it, I love interacting with people and making a difference in their lives! I believe UVUSA to be an organization in which if I become involved, my decisions and actions would have the ability to touch more lives than ever before. Our college is growing faster than ever and with that growth comes pivotal decisions which will shape and guide our university for decades to come; the opportunity to become involved in something that great doesn’t come every day. I jump at the opportunity, responsibility, privilege, and honor to help shape UVU’s destiny in the upcoming years.


8. What sets you apart and makes you different in comparison to other the other teams?

One of the things we try not to do is compare ourselves to the other teams running. We know they are stellar individuals who can add much to the university. That being said, one unique thing we are doing is keeping things simple by listening to students and taking action according to what they want. Students make up a university, so why not listen? Also, we are who we are, real and personable.


9. What do you consider to be your weakness and how do you plan to improve it?

We don’t claim to know everything or to have all the answers. Really when it comes down to it, we are average students trying to make a positive impact on those we associate with.


Our biggest weakness is we don’t know what every student wants here at UVU. As student representatives, we will listen and achieve what they want.


10. Is there anything else that you would like to add/or say?

Vote for Team Impact. Due to random selection, all of Team Impact’s candidates will appear at the top of each voting position displayed. I impact, you impact, let’s impact together.

4 thoughts on “Team Impact

  1. After a few minutes browsing the platform and videos I think I learned less from what I had hoped to learn. I felt like I was being campaigned as a BYU student.

  2. I would like to address the shameful display I saw at UVU with their “Pie a Professor” on campus today. What on EARTH are you guys thinking? I felt like I was at a junior college or highschool pep rally. There are plenty of other ways to garner attention. Throwing pie to a professors face is NOT a good way to gain trust. I’m absolutely dumbfounded by the disgraceful display I saw on campus. I feel like my university just became a roadside circus. I would know. Maybe you guys hung around the Circus Circus a few weeks back for too long?

    I would really like to know how you felt like you were going to further our education by your horrendous taste in amusement.

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