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Think of the best piece of pie you have ever eaten. Now imagine that piece of pie being shoved into a blender and turned into a creamy, rich shake topped with whipped cream. Welcome to Sammy’s Cafe.


Sammy’s Cafe joined the Provo eateries in May 2008. The new, hip burger joint was named after the owner, Sammy Schultz. The menu selection offers a variety of large juicy burgers, chicken sandwiches, and the tastiest veggie burger in Utah county. However, the food item that put Sammy’s on the map is their real pie shakes with its assortment of fruity flavors or chocolate Oreo goodness.


Schultz started out in the food industry as the owner of a catering business and was involved with feeding celebrities backstage at events like The Stadium of Fire. Schultz got the inspiration for Sammy’s when he saw the building and location.


“It is a small location and it has always been in and out of business. I saw an opportunity. That place was bred to be a college hangout spot. So we decided to do good ‘date night’ comfort food,” Schultz said.


However, Sammy’s doesn’t just have delicious eats. They provide a fun, happening atmosphere with their busy nights, and the outdoor concerts they provide to the community.


“My passion is music. College students love concerts. My place is so small, so I decided to do concerts on portable stages in the back alley. I got the idea from my background in Southern California. We also do bigger ‘rooftop’ concerts on top of the parking garage across the street.”


The busiest times for Sammy’s Care are Tuesday nights when they offer two-for-one pie shakes.


Schultz has also branched out his business by opening a Sammy’s Cafe in Rexburg, Idaho. He recently opened a third location in Pleasant Grove on Saturday, September 24. Many of the customers that frequent Sammy’s are college students, families and also tourists.


So if you are ready for fun, entertainment, and amazing food, hit up Sammy’s and you might be lucky enough to make it on their wall of pictures.

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