Hobble Creek Paintball Warriors

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It is an early morning, and the dew still hangs on the tips of the tall grass. Crawling through, trying to get to the next safe point behind the oak tree, the air above is peppered with crossfire as teammates and assailants fire their weapons at one another. Now this may sound like a video game, but it is a long way from Xbox’s Call of Duty.


Hobble Creek Paintball Warriors originated out of Springville last year, but the way their games are played have you feeling a lot further from home than that. Accepting all skill levels, HCPW hosts events that everyone can enjoy in a good, safe and competitive environment.


The number one rule can’t get more straightforward than it already is: “Don’t be a D-bag.” Even though a “D-bag” is a subjective term, the first rule of combat is sure to aid anyone in the frenzy of a battle. The rest of the rules depend on each game and players preference, but it is always assumed that each player will first and foremost play fair. Following this theme, all players are asked to allow surrenders and report any cheating.


Paintball enthusiasts and official members strive for HCPW rank patches and awards. At every bi-weekly event the “Baller of the Day” title is awarded to a player who has demonstrated consistency of skills in battle, and for playing fair.


HCPW is much more than just camouflage pants and neon paint balls.  In addition to the baller of the day award, their games consist of different challenges that allow players to move up in rank. They have a posted list of accomplishments that must be met in order to receive patches marking your advancement. An “elite” warrior is not only one who has proved themselves worthy through sportsmanship and progression of rank, but one who’s performance stands out.


Anyone with curiosity about these paintball warriors should like the HCPW Facebook page at facebook.com/HCPWs. In addition to pictures of grounds and events, Facebook patrons can find information about past and upcoming battles as well as instructions about how to get involved with HCPW and any equipment players may need.



1 thought on “Hobble Creek Paintball Warriors

  1. Proud warrior.

    Here I sitting in Sweden and read about the best team in Utah, HCPW. This articular make me so happy, proud and sad. In the happy and proud way, is because I am one of them. The sad part is that I am not there to play with them. I really miss all of my warriors and cant wait to get there and shoot them all LOL.

    Over and out,
    Malte Frid

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