Kappa Sigma, UVU’s first official fraternity

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It was an important day for UVU history. On Nov. 19, the Kappa Sigma colony received its charter from the Kappa Sigma International Fraternity, changing the organization’s status from a colony to an official collegiate chapter and being the first fraternity on campus. But for the small group of exemplary men, the day meant the culmination of over a year’s worth of planning, patience and determination.


Kappa Sigma first came to campus back in Nov. 2009. Though the intention was to become an official chapter by the end of 2010, those plans never came to fruition. It wasn’t until April 4, 2011 that former president Rhett Dalley received an email from the international headquarters informing Dalley that the colony would be chartered.


“I still keep the email in my inbox to this day,” Dalley said. International headquarters wanted the colony to initiate before the end of the academic year. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t possible. “There wasn’t time enough to plan everything and do it right so we decided to push it to fall,” Dalley said.


However, the organization hit another snag along the way.


“Over the summer a bunch of guys either left or graduated so we had to rebuild our numbers during fall rush before we could officially initiate,” Dalley said.


The colony took the time to pledge more members and plan a proper installation and event. With the help of representatives from the fraternity’s international leadership, the chapter initiated 25 brothers on Nov. 19. Later that evening, the brothers held a banquet to celebrate the chapter’s installation.


As dinner was served, members chatted amongst each other. Some brought dates but most just enjoyed the company of their new brothers. The chapter holds a diverse group of men, all striving for the values that Kappa Sigma represents–fellowship, leadership, scholarship and service. The reasons they joined the fraternity are as different as the men themselves. For Spencer Perkins, he became interested in Kappa Sigma because of a classmate. Jermaine Muwanga joined because his roommate was rushing. And for some like David Blonquist, he found out about Kappa Sigma through club rush. Whatever the reason may be for joining, the men of Kappa Sigma are dedicated to insuring its survival.


After dinner was over, the current president Chris Woods spoke to his chapter not only about the struggle to become an official chapter but also of the future of the fraternity on campus.


“This month will be remembered as the Greek month,” Woods said, referring not only to their official installation but also of the sorority Alpha Sigma Alpha’s installation earlier in the month. “Now is the time to figure out what mark we will leave here at UVU.”


After Woods’s remarks, the Worthy Grand Scribe of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity Gregory S. Hunt addressed the chapter. He also spoke of the future of the organization.


“The future of Rho-Phi is in your hands,” Hunt said, referring to the official name of the chapter here at UVU.


Hunt then challenged the chapter to achieve specific goals over the next year, pushing the men of the Rho-Phi chapter of Kappa Sigma to be the best chapter in the entire fraternity.


The evening concluded with the chapter posing for pictures with their official framed charter held in front of them. The five founding brothers, Andrew Collett, Nefi Acosta, Christopher Woods, John Lorz and Rhett Dalley all stood together holding the charter, their hard work finally coming true.


“It’s a dizzying mix of emotions,” Dally said. “It’s like the most perfect limbo where you can look back on the past with satisfaction and pride but still look to the future with anxious anticipation.”


Story and photos by Kelly Cannon – Life Editor

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  1. Gregory Hunts title is Worthy Grand Scribe. Thank you for the publicity! We hope you had a wonderful evening with us.

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