UVU Musicians are escaping Gravity

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Everyone has heard about the Provo Music Scene. After artists like Fictionist, Imagine Dragons and Neon Trees a lot of people think that they understand the sound of Utah. But three artists are
About to break that wide open, with a concert set up for Friday the 28th at Velour in Provo. Performing are The Vibrant Sound, headed up by McKay Stevens who is a UVU Alum and large figure in the Provo Music scene, Mimi Knowles who recently won Velour’s battle of the bands and Better Taste Bureau who was voted for City Weekly Music Awards Band of the Year.
The Vibrant Sound is doing this show fresh of the drop of their new music video for “Gravity (Gotta Fly).” With a sound that has been tagged as everything from indie, to neo-soul, to hip hop The Vibrant Sound blend a sense of humor and lyrical delivery pronounced in artists such as Macklemore and Chiddy Bang, with musical sensibilities that range from electronic styles of music with a heavy bass line to acoustic work for charity with Raise your Glasses, to clean current half-raps about the society around us in songs like The Industrial Revolution. The Vibrant Sound has started to make a name for themselves. From doing tours up and down the west coast to traveling as the openers for Lindsey Sterling The Vibrant Sound are a few guys looking to create an impact on the world of music.

Mimi Knowles is a self-proclaimed soul artist whose music is actually quite hard to pigeonhole into one category. He cites Kanye West and John Mayer as his favorite musicians and inspirations, though his music is soulful and sometimes borders on the well cut sensibilities of artists like Justin Timberlake. The other members of the band fall into other genres such as Rock, Jazz, and R&B. They recently won Battle of the Bands and are starting to establish themselves as a real force on the music scene.

Better Taste Bureau is a rap and hip hop group who are from Salt Lake City. While rap and hip hop from Utah is no longer crazy or unique, the Bureau sets themselves apart with having fun with what they do. They poke humorous fun at Utah Hipsters and mainstream rappers in the fun line, while having good, streamlined verses. They do not swear either, setting themselves apart in a crowded field that often receives criticism for its treatment of women and the language that is often used and offensive to some. While not new, Better Taste Bureau is unique, and striving to give a new take on Rap in the Beehive State.

Photo courtesy of the Velour Live Facebook page.

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  1. Ironically…this seems to miss other Utah bands which are really standing out. I guess people easily forget that The Used is an Orem band.

  2. I don’t think so, it seems that it was talking about a concert coming up, so it was focusing on those bands…

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