Former UVU Student takes on Kickstarter

Renewable Energy - The GEN KickstarterReading Time: 2 minutes

One former Utah Valley University student has  joined forces with local tech entrepreneurs on a new Kickstarter campaign. Gabe Villamizar, a former Wolverine and member of the UVU AMA, is continuing the tradition of engaged learning even after graduation. The renewable energy startup has already reached 22% of its Kickstarter funding goal within 24 hours of launch. Based out of Provo, “The GEN” is the world’s first patent pending solar power and wind power renewable energy generator which saves 30-70% on electric bill.

“The education, training, and networking that Utah Valley University and the UVU AMA has given mw over the past four years, has enabled me to advance my career faster than I ever could’ve imagined” said Villamizar. “This new project is revolutionary, and I couldn’t have done this without my experience at UVU”.
The Utah startup is disrupting the renewable energy industry with their Kickstarter project that launched
yesterday and will be running over the next 27 days. The purpose of the project is to bring to market their
patent-pending design that combines solar power and wind power into one compact unit. In less than 24 hours
of launching, they were able to attain 22% of their overall funding goal and have been featured on many
renewable energy and technology blogs.

“For a couple of years we tried to justify buying a windmill or solar panels for our home to generate our own
electricity. After extensive research, we found out that they could cost up to $50,000. Since it didn’t make
financial, we decided to make The GEN. The GEN combines wind power and solar power technology into one
affordable compact unit. It fits comfortably on your roof and can produce up to 70% of the electricity you need
for your home.”
The Kickstarter campaign, which runs through May 29th, 2014 (27 days) will enable Gabe and his team to raise enough money to meet their manufacturer’s minimum order quantity.

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