BLOG: Help for Haiti

The Cybergate Cafe

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With the recent disastrous earthquake in Haiti, relief fundraisers are occurring across the nation. This weekend, the Cybergate Cafe in Provo will be hosting such an event.

The Cybergate Cafe
The Cybergate Cafe

To contribute funds for medical relief to Haiti, the Cybergate Cafe will be hosting live music, Local singers, karaoke, and DJs throughout the night this Saturday, Jan. 23. This will be a benefit you won’t want to miss out on and one that gives our community a great opportunity to assist in a much needed cause. Funds collected by the Cybergate Cafe will be directly deposited to the Red Cross of the United States.

Cybergate Cafe, 2250 N University Pkwy, Provo, UT 84604, 801-341-0250,

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