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I have to be honest. This is not my first visit to 180 Tacos. So, while this isn’t a first impression, the fact that I’ve revisited 180 is a pretty big deal.

180 Tacos specializes in classic street tacos for 2 dollars a piece, adding 50 cents for steak or seafood. The menu is divided into four categories: Mexican, Asian, Caribbean and American with little chili icons warning you of tacos with particular spice. All tacos are available on flour or corn tortillas.

We got four tacos, a salad and a dessert. Every time I’ve gone, I’ve gotten three tacos and I’ve been the perfect amount of full. This time, however, we got four. We got them all on corn tortillas, which I recommend.


First was Mojo Roasted Pork. The initial flavor was delicious sweet pork. “It’s good, huh?” said Boyfriend. “It’s gonna get ya.” And get me it did. It starts with a basic sweet flavor then comes and slaps you in the face with spice. It was compared to an ex-girlfriend; sweet at first then blind siding you with crazy heat.

Next was the Buffalo Chicken. This taco is one of the messier ones because of the sauces. this taco is unadulterated buffalo flavor. The street corn ranch is sweet and delicious. The flavor of the corn tortilla really goes well with this taco.


We then had the Korean BBQ Pork. This taco has a very classic Asian barbeque flavor, which we liked. The scallions and sesame seeds add nice texture.

Our last taco was the Steak Asada. With the first bite you experience a wave of steak flavor followed up with a little bit of spice. The salsa mexicana gives a cool sweetness and the tortilla strips bring some crunch. This is everything a steak taco is supposed to be.


I had never had one of their taco salads so I decided to make my favorite taco, Buffalo Chicken, into a salad. You can choose any of the tacos to make into a salad. I loved mine. The ratio of lettuce to all of the good stuff was just right. It came with a side of street corn ranch which added a great flavor to the whole salad and cooled off the buffalo sauce. The salad filled me up enough that I couldn’t finish. Boyfriend scolded me saying, “We don’t leave men behind,” and finished it for me.


We ended our meal with malasadas which are portuguese donuts covered in sugar and agave sauce. They are sweet enough to be a dessert but not too sickly sweet. One order is big enough for two people and even as a sugar addict I’m not sure I could finish it by myself.

Every time I’ve been to 180 Tacos I’ve had a fantastic experience. The wait has never been too long and the food is made in an assembly line style so it’s prepared quickly. While we were eating we noticed a few workers husking corn and one doing quality checks on the food, which impressed us. They take their business and their food seriously and rightfully so.

You can find 180 Tacos at or on Facebook.

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