It has been over a week since our big brother in Provo completed its dramatic victory over our sister from the North, 17-10. If there are lessons to be learned from this rivalry, it is this: UVSC students shouldn’t feel guilty for cheering BYU football and, second, if you are white and Mormon, do not bear your testimony to the media.

First to the former. There has been a long-standing feeling from our student government and even this newspaper that BYU is our rival. They should be hated and no apparel of theirs whatsoever should be worn.

Two examples: an acquaintance on student government loathes the fact NetXNews shows BYU highlights (and just to demonstrate his lack of reality, he guaranteed UVSC would have a football team in the next couple of years) and when yours truly applied for ASUVSC, he was partly denied because he was an unforgiving BYU fan. Second, distinct student leaders – including our own Spirit Chair – actually attend the games and even better, wear blue!

It is a crime for our die-hard Wolverine fans to insist we cheer for UVSC in all thought, place and circumstance when, in fact, our athletic department lacks America’s favorite sport, while just down the road the opportunity is provided to not just watch football, but to be entertained watching a Top 25 team playing in a nationally top-five rivalry game. BYU is a rival to the green and yellow only when we randomly play them in volleyball. And considering we haven’t beaten them ever, it really isn’t anything different than BYU playing Westminster. 

And now Brothers and Sisters, lets turn to Austin Collie’s post game remarks.

"I wouldn’t say it was lucky," said the former freshman All-American, "We executed the play well. We should have had another one [touchdown]. Obviously, if you do what’s right on and off the field, I think the Lord steps in and plays a part in it. Magic happens."

And just as when Bronco Mendenhall quoted scripture to the media a couple of years ago, the press has turned this recent comment into Watergate II. Sports talk radio especially has mocked and gnashed its teeth. 1280 the Zone’s Gordon Monson (who by the way, was one of the first to cry about Mendenhall’s press conference) called the statement "offensive."

Such a statement may not be totally accurate, but to put things into perspective, remember Collie is Mormon, less than a year removed from the mission where praying, keeping mission rules and working hard went hand in hand in missionary mentality, and, oh yeah, completed a heck of a reception when it looked like BYU was going to lose at home to Utah for the third time in a row.

Furthermore, remember its not just BYU kids who are giving the Lord credit. Countless number of players from teams in the "Bible Belt" are constantly on national television giving all credit to their maker.

Most would agree life success is based on hard work and getting the breaks. But the argument is made if God cares about football enough to let the Mormon on BYU succeed what about the temple-worthy-RM Mormon on the Utes? Such a statement is accurate, but consider this: if you were in the Ute secondary that got burned on 4th and 18, who would you rather be beaten by: God or Austin Collie?