What changes would do you wish to see take place? Or, what things do you hope do not change?

I want to see a football team at Utah Valley University.-Ben Webster

I’d like to see some student housing. Some very cheap student housing.-Mel Sundquist

Well, that fancy Digital Learning Center sure looks like a parking garage to me, so let’s just go that route. Because, pardon the cliché, parking is a joke and I’m not laughing anymore.-Jack Waters
I hope the level of ‘cool’ goes up around campus.-Greg Wilcox

I’m hoping that the testing center will be moved closer to the actual school and out of the next county over.-Keyra Kristofferson

Could the UVSC bookstore please not put so many damn stickers all over my books? I’m in lit classes – just assume that I’ll need to be able to read what is on the book. Or assume that you’re already raping students in prices (well, publishers are) so you might refrain from also desecrating the product. I don’t want my book collection to display "used" rather than BEND SINISTER. All right, you have me – you don’t sell BEND SINISTER.-Amy Thaut

I would not like to see tuition rise, any more than it already has.
Other than that, I love the school.-Robert Jones