Excellence and Innovation Initiative

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President Astrid Tuminz in her video introducing the Excellence and Innovation Initiative.

“Bridging the gap between Industry and Education..”

 “Today’s students want affordable, flexible, and holistic educational opportunities that allow them to participate in and explore real-world projects and problems. They want to learn from doing; they want to be mentored both by theorists and practitioners.”

UVU President Astrid Tuminez

Utah Valley University announced its opening of the Center for Innovation and Excellence with a video featuring President Tuminez released on December 11, 2019. Tuminez explained the importance of different types of learning in the education system and UVU’s core belief in providing opportunities for its students. From the technical school days of the University, UVU has been all about hands-on learning. This initiative further prepares students to work in their industries and solve real-life problems. 

Included in the initiative will be various programs and plans for students to work in groups with leading professionals and corporations in the surrounding areas. This initiative not only benefits the students but allows Utah employers to work with students and build a reliable staff filled with UVU graduates.

Traditional class structure and teaching may not be enough to put graduates in jobs. Networking and experience will be the edge that UVU students will bring to the table and is an edge that President Tuminez wants to provide each student with.

One such project for this initiative is the UVSolar project, which involves a team of UVU students working with RS Energy to develop solar options for the university. 

There are so many ways to get involved and utilize this initiative as a UVU student. One of these opportunities is working under a role entitled catalyst. As this initiative is still in its formative stages, there is a need for students, faculty, and corporate catalysts who create partnerships between students and corporations to provide a meaningful educational experience. 

Check for future details on the initiative’s website located at https://www.uvu.edu/innovation/.

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