Lucia di Lammermoor: UVU Opera Opens With Gusto

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Loosely based on Walter Scott’s 1819 historical novel “The Bride of Lammermoor,” this tragic opera centers on the troublesome love story of Lucia Ashton, the hopeful, guileless sister of Lord Enrico Ashton. Finding herself bound by the dueling forces of love and duty, Lucia is forced to make a choice with ulterior implications. 

The Italian-language dialogue is sung through the piece with riveting emotion and dramatism while English subtitles are conveniently projected behind the stage. The piece, a classic of operatic repertoire, features a wide range of voices from sopranos to basses and demonstrates remarkable skill on the part of the performers. 

“I love this piece specially because it is so taxing for all the singers … it requires a mastery of the voice to sing this repertoire,” commented Daniel Perez, a junior in vocal performance who plays the part of Arturo. 

Though it might seem disconcerting at first, the listener quickly learns to grasp the action on the stage, the dialogue and music all at once. Sweeping crescendos mirror the emotive content of the story as the notes rush through the theater. Thundering drums call for concern as they rumble the ground while falsettos pierce through the dialogue with the utmost precision. 

This performance is yet another example of UVU’s successful efforts to provide enriching experiences for both students and community members during the pandemic. The live orchestra, backing vocalists and many hours of practice draw an intensely gratifying experience for the audience. 

“Lucia di Lammermoor” is being featured every Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m. through Feb. 13, with both in-person and virtual performances available. 
For more information, including showtimes and ticketing information visit the Noorda Theater Website.

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