Dean’s Day provides free fun

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The college of Technology and Computing, also known as T&C, had their annual “Dean’s Day” event on Wednesday, Sept 4, 2013.

Each year after Labor Day T&C has an event they have named “Dean’s Day.” Students of any major are invited to come and participate.

This function is a welcome back party to give students in the college a chance to connect with the faculty outside of the classroom. Those with other majors can also become more aware of the departments in the college.  The free food and giveaways provide good, wholesome fun in the process.

The event takes place on the lawn outside on the east side of the Computer Science building under the “airplane on a stick.”

Each department in T&C sets up a table to give a visual of what their department is about.  Most of the tables also provide a small giveaway for stopping by the table.

Students filled out a ticket stub to get a free meal voucher and receive T&C merchandise, including a drawstring backpack, sunglasses, a hat and a t-shirt.

An opportunity drawing was available at each department’s tables to win prizes varying from a stereo set to a mega Nerf gun package. Students received a set of tickets that they could use towards the drawings.

The Culinary Arts Institute gathered a big crowd as usual with their ice sculpture, and they gave away food they prepared and had culinary students showing their skills by carving designs into melons.

To promote the automotive and construction management departments, a Caterpillar, more commonly known as CAT, a semi-truck, other equipment and a barbecue car that is a replica of the popular world record setting race car, decked out in green and UVU pride were present.

The Smokehouse, a local burger and barbeque restaurant, catered the event. They served pulled pork sandwiches and chips.

The exact number of attendees is still being figured, but approximately 800 students came to the event this year. There was a steady stream of participants throughout the two and a half hours that the event lasted. At the top of each hour, as students got out of classes, it would get busier.

Aviation, criminal justice and emergency services have in years past been part of the college, but have since become their own college. As a result, those departments did not participate this year.

The event is designed for students to be able to come and go as they are able with their class schedule.

To qualify to win one of the opportunity drawing s, one did not have to be present the entire time. After the information that the students provided at registration is sorted, the winners of each prize will be notified via their uvlink email.

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