The ticket to finding a career is with CareerPassport

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By Ashley Townsend, Reporter, @staplesmartly

An exciting new program launched this year for all students attending UVU.

The CareerPassport program, which after the pilot program became a hit last year, officially started this year in hopes of helping future graduates become more acquainted with their options when they graduate.

“I wish it would have been created when I was in school,” Camille Richards, a student recruiter for the program, said.

Richards works hard to recruit students into the program because she believes it is beneficial to student success post graduation and building their confidence as students. 

“This program allows students to learn more about themselves, their major or their careers,” Richards said.

The program allows students to explore the different careers associated with their degree through various tools such as attending lectures, social activities and mentoring.

The CareerPassport program, located in the career development center, is available to all students, including those who have a tight schedule or a low budget. Many of the activities are available online and the cost for enrollment is free.

Divided up into three sections, the program allows students to customize their CareerPassport experience. The first option is called the CareerPassport Club, this is the section designed for the social butterfly who intends on going to the fun activities.

Option number two is CareerPassport Track Certification. This is the most popular and allows students to utilize the social benefits of CareerPassport Club while focusing on the individual tools that will help students find their career. 

The last option is called Engaged Learning University Distinction, or ELUD for short. ELUD is unique from the others because when the student completes each task associated with this program, a distinction will be added to their diploma at graduation.

Each section gets students involved in important networking activities that will help when searching for a career. For some activities a database will be available to students where they can be matched up to mentors working in the students desired field, and once a month a guest speaker will attend the lectures series. The month of October will feature Dallas Robinson, founder of Kisstixx.

Word about CareerPassport is still being spread since it has only just launched. “That sounds like a program I would be interested in, and I think it would really help me.” says Amanda Crane, a freshman student who is still deciding what major she would like to declare. The CareerPassport program will help students like Amanda focus on her interests and explore her options, to help her make important decisions such as declaring a major.

Mark Rellaford is another student who just learned about the program. “I’d be interested in finding out what jobs I can get with my major,” he said.

To find out more about the program or to apply, visit or LC 409Q in the Career Development Center.  


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  1. I love that UVU review reporters really get the stories out there! I feel like I would be living below my privileges if it wasn’t for articles like this one! Thanks UVU Review!

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