Aviation instructor who posted anti-Muslim remarks resigns

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UVU has confirmed that Captain Jim Green, the professor who posted anti-Muslim sentiments on Canvas, has resigned from his position.

Captain Green voluntarily resigned as an adjunct instructor in UVU’s School of Aviation Sciences last night,” UVU said.

Green’s resigned the night of Sept. 12 after his statements were made public.

Theo R. Okawa, program manager for online instruction delivery, sent a statement to Green’s students informing them that their class is being assigned to a new instructor.

“At this time, this course is being assigned to a new instructor. Due to the processing time it takes to make this scheduling change, you may experience a delay in message response and assignment grading,” Okawa wrote in a Canvas message to students.

The transition is expected to progress over the next few days.

Derrek Studebaker, the aviation student who came forward about Green’s statements, asked the university to send an email to the other students in his class to address the captain’s statements directly while they investigate.

“We have become aware that your instructor posted to Canvas a statement that may include some concerning content,” the university wrote. “We have removed the statement and have referred this matter to our Equal Opportunity/Title IX Office for appropriate action in accordance with UVU Policy 165 Discrimination, Harassment, and Affirmative Action and UVU Policy 161 Freedom of Speech.”

The statement also went on to say that students who have additional concerns should speak with Laura Carlson, the Title IX Coordinator, and that the university offers a variety of options for students who might need support.

Studebaker hopes that this instance can be a learning opportunity for everyone involved.

“ We need to be thoughtful about how our actions affect others, and I hope this will be a reminder for all of us,” he said.

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