Astronautics Development Club launches first rocket

Rockets are coming to Utah Valley University this spring semester with the arrival of the Astronautics Development Club and their goal to send a rocket to space.

The ADC centers around building their own rockets and sending them into space in order to do a variety of scientific experiments.

“The experiments could range from studies of fluid dynamics on objects as they leave and reenter the atmosphere, all the way to biology on how cells are affected by the harsh environment of space,” said Matthew Pena, president of the ADC. “We also intend to find and develop ways of sending these payloads into space that are cost effective.” 

The ADC launched their first rocket named “Astro” on Dec. 17, which now allows them to understand the basics of amateur rockets and lead them to accomplishing their goal of sending a rocket to space.

“We intend to start construction on a new rocket at the start of the spring semester and because it is a lower powered rocket, we will be able to launch it on our own, closer to UVU, so we will be launching more often,” said Pena. “Our project is to launch a rocket from a high altitude balloon and be able to send small payloads into space.” 

The ADC ultimately wants the club to be a sized down version of a space program at UVU, and they wish to do this through conducting a wide range of experiments and building rockets that can go faster and higher. 

The ADC plan to launch more rockets this semester in order to reach their goal to space, and become UVU’s first space program. 

Photo Courtesy of UVU Marketing.

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