A guide to UVU parking and traffic

Parking and driving has become a problem that effects most students. Photo: Connor Allen/UVU Review

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Parking and driving has become a problem that effects most students. Photo: Connor Allen/UVU Review

Detective K. Liddiard and Sgt. Justin Sprague, officers on campus at UVU, have quite a bit of knowledge about traffic on campus.  Tips for pedestrians and drivers alike; their combined experience will help you in your travels on and off campus.


For pedestrians, the officers say to make sure you use the crosswalks. They are there to keep you safe. Most have lights to catch motorist’s attention, but make sure you activate them, and then wait until traffic stops to cross safely. “Pedestrians should be more diligent.”


Be aware of your surroundings, look out, don’t just text and listen to your iPods. Parking lots are dangerous places, and pedestrians don’t always have the right-of-way.


For drivers, there are a few bits of advice to make your lives easier. While in parking lots, approach each situation with a calm demeanor. Road rage only makes the parking lot a much more dangerous place. If someone steals your spot remember this, “It’s common courtesy, but it’s not a crime.” Just find another spot, and don’t do anything rash.


Find the hidden gems on campus.  Though it may seem like there is nowhere to park, there are a couple of lots that are rarely full. Lot L8 and L14 tend to have the most open spots, the officers noted. While L10 gets full quickly, if you purchase an orange permit for 40 dollars you can park in L9 which has open spots frequently, along with a shuttle that runs regularly.


Event parking will also narrow your options with L14 regularly used for events. The officers mentioned that this is always clearly marked during events, just to avoid confusion. The officers also informed me that Wednesday is the busiest day on campus, so make sure to come prepared to look for a spot.


Rising enrollment has affected getting around on campus, but the UVU Police Department is doing everything  to make sure students and visitors alike are getting around safely. They make sure to put up electronic message boards with important information for commuters. They also have traffic school for drivers that have had a past indiscretion. More information about UVU police can be found on their website  uvu.edu/police.


Remember, “It takes effort from both drivers and pedestrians to make everyone safe.” Hopefully these tips will help make your commute a little safer and easier.


By Cameron Simek
Staff Writer

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