Semester farewell from the Health and Wellness team

For your viewership and continued support, thank you from the Health and Wellness team! Graphic by Joshua Sperry.

Dear loyal readers,

What a semester this has been! From reports on health and wellness resources around campus to tips and tricks from fellow students about healthy habits during the holidays, your continued viewership and feedback have been an unspeakable blessing to us.

We hope that you have had as much fun as us and that some of the information we have provided this semester has benefited you and your needs.

As the semester comes to a speedy close, and we look forward to meeting again in the spring, we as a team like to evaluate our performance and plan how we can improve. We do this because as mentioned in “A letter from the Health and Wellness Section Editor,” published earlier this year, “our mission is to help you feel as important as we know you are. Every article we write is for your benefit, and every interview we record is to understand how you feel.” As we review our performance every semester, we move closer to achieving this goal for you.

To improve ourselves this semester, our team has organized topic selection according to the UVU Health and Wellness program’s Wellness Wheel, placed emphasis on timely and useful publications, and made efforts to produce these publications on a consistent schedule. Late nights and early mornings have been spent integrating these measures, and we have seen many positive results from them! 

However, you deserve more, and we want to deliver. 

Big changes are coming next semester as we strive to deliver these improvements. Through a dedicated polling and feedback system, we hope to see topic selection become more based on what you are curious about. Through the introduction of an all-new comic section, we hope to provide you with a bigger variety of entertaining content. Eventually, through a volunteer column, we hope to provide you with the opportunity to publish your own articles as well. 

With all of these changes, we hope to get closer to our goal of providing content that is relatable and interesting to you, our loyal readers. 

Now, before we part for the holidays and the end of the semester, we dare to ask a favor of you.  As a student media team, the Review has struggled with viewership over the years. Although we do our best to create content that is meaningful, our abilities to improve are constantly limited by our viewership. Thus we humbly petition for your help in spreading the word. If you feel comfortable doing so, please share a newspaper, article, or our website,, with a friend or family member. Every view matters and you are instrumental in facilitating our growth.

Again, we thank you for your continued support. On behalf of the Health and Wellness team, please be safe over the break, enjoy your family and friends, and good luck with finals! 

We eagerly await serving and working alongside you next semester. 


Joshua Sperry, Kayla Sullivan, and Nichole Terry

Health and Wellness Section

UVU Review

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