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Reading Time: 2 minutes As a mouthpiece to and from the students, how are we to continue without your voice? This semester, the Health and Wellness section needs to hear from you!

A collage made from pictures showing the three members of the Health and Wellness team.

Pictured (left to right): Nathan Natividad, Nathalia Dominguez, and Joshua Sperry. Collage edited on Canva.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Dear fellow Wolverines,

On behalf of The Review as well as the Health and Wellness section, welcome back to another fantastic semester. We are beyond excited to serve you, and as always, we thank you for your dedicated readership and continuing support. 

Providing you with honest, accurate, and excellent information is the undeviating goal of The Review. Last semester, the Health and Wellness section endeavored to do this by framing the publication schedule around the Wellness Program’s Wellness Wheel, composed of six different emphases on holistic wellness. As we did this, our team had an incredible learning experience touring the campus and discovering the many resources UVU provides its students. We sincerely hope that some of this information was valuable and educational for you.

However, we understand that news is not excellent if it is not relatable. Although last semester was a step in the right direction, we recognize that we failed to ask for input from you, our loyal readers. This lack of feedback has been an unresolved problem that has hindered our ability to improve ourselves and create articles catered to your needs. As a result, the New Year’s resolution for the Health and Wellness section is to improve our feedback system dramatically so that this barrier between you and us no longer exists. 

Thus, we humbly petition for you to share your opinions, suggestions, and concerns with us. Starting in the weeks to come, the end of each Health and Wellness article (online or printed)  will be tagged with contact information so that you can communicate your comments directly to us. In addition to this system, we will be providing a comment box outside of The Review office (SL 213) where you may physically submit any idea you have, in addition to digital signage around campus advertising additional contact information. 

Would you like to be a guest author, possibly being featured in a printed publication or opinion editorial? Leave your name and contact information, and we can make it happen. Would you like to see a new emphasis in the Health and Wellness section? Mention it and we will go to work. Your needs are our goals, and we exist to inform and serve you.

In addition to changing how we receive peer input, the Health and Wellness section will be integrating a recurring crossword puzzle in each print edition. We want to make our section entertaining as well as helpful, so keep an eye out for more of these changes in the near future. 

Again, we thank you for your continued readership and support. It means everything to us. Every paper picked up and every online article visited motivates us to do better. We look forward to the best semester yet as we work more closely with you than ever before. 


The Health and Wellness section at the UVU Review

(Nathalia Dominguez, Nathan Natividad, Joshua Sperry)

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